Opportunity of a lifetime: Entire WA town up for sale

Published: 9news
Date: 02 November 2018

One million dollars might not get you very far in Sydney or Melbourne, but in the small town of Tone River in Western Australia it won’t just buy you a home, it could just be enough to purchase an entire village.

Tone River was originally built as a timber mill town in 1952, before closing operations in 1978. It then became a wilderness camp before closing in 2008.

It features 20 self-contained cottages, a town hall, workshop, tennis and volleyball courts, and an undercover barbecue area (Supplied).

Entire town of Town River up for sale. 39 hectares of land (Supplied).

The town features 20 cottages, a town hall, tennis and volleyball courts and an undercover bbq area (Supplied).

After closing as a timber mill town in 1952, the space was used as a wilderness camp for three decades (Supplied).

The Tone River itself weaves through the town, placing it in a desirable location for water sports and fishing. It covers 39 hectares and housed 117 men at its peak.

Real estate agent Collin Wallbank is selling the property, located around four hours south of Perth on behalf of the West Australian government.

In contrast, $1m in St Kilda Melbourne buys you a modest two bedroom home with a tiny corridor of a backyard and $1m in Maroubra, Sydney, buys you a two bedder, with a small courtyard.

“It’s an opportunity of a lifetime,” said Mr Wallbank. “You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time, to a time when life was less complicated.

“Yes it’s going to need some imagination and hard work and vision, but the result could be as amazing and as big as you can dream it,” he said.

The property will be auctioned on November 14.

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